About the product



  • Indications and usage:

Homeopathic product for oral administration only. For veterinary use only.

Use to control behavioral disorders caused by stress in animals such as: commercial production, captivity, shelter, feedlots, and any other kind of animal agglomeration under confinement or not. This product is effective against aggressive, anxious, and destructive behavior, cannibalism and, especially, Buller Steer Syndrome. The use of this product indirectly leads to decreased injury (contusions, bone fractures and hoof lesions) by calming the animals. Use for treatment of bovine, equine, sheep, swine, goat, buffalo, equidae, camelidae, canine, feline, frogs, domestic cage birds, poultry, frogs and wildlife animals (mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles).

  • Dosage and administration:

Must be thoroughly mixed in feed or a nutritional supplement before use in order to provide a daily ingestion of 2g to 20g per animal (in the case of mammals), according to severity of symptoms. Bovine, including Bos taurus taurus and its crossed/hybrid breeds, generally need a higher dose than Bos taurus indicus. The body weight also influences the dosage. IT CAN BE USED IN SIRES. The dose for birds, amphibians and reptiles varies from 0.2g to 1g per animal per day, according to stress conditions and body weight. Continuous use (or according to veterinary prescription).

  • Storage:

Keep at room temperature, away from electronic radiation sources, direct sunlight, heat and intense odours.

  • Presentation:

Packages containing: 500g, 600g, 1kg, 10kg, and 18 kg of the product in powder.